Monday, August 27, 2007

orton park festival

Another summer weekend, another summer festival in Madison. This past weekend was the Orton Park Festival - a big, beautiful park on the eastside is host to a 3 day festival of food, music & merriment. On Saturday morning we took our kids to see David Landau, a local musician & storyteller. He can really get the kids dancing & his whole performance is cute enough to keep the parents entertained too. It was a good start to a beautiful sunny weekend, a welcome respite from all the rain.


Neva said...

This looks like a lot of fun....almost as much fun as the taste of Madison1. My nephew's wedding is at Allen Centennial Garden with the rain plan to go to the Memorial Union. I am thrilled it is Taste as the bride has picked a vegetarian meal and as much as I love her....I like my meat! Looking forward to a brat or two!

Nikon said...

That looks like a happy bunch of kids!