Tuesday, June 19, 2007

blue lantern tripod

If you were to take a walk in my neighborhood on the eastside, it wouldn't take too long before you ran into a Sid Boyum sculpture. Sid was a local artist who could also best be described as a local eccentric. When he died in the 90's a lot of his sculptures, which had been living in his front & back gardens, were placed around the eastside. An original, to be sure.


Kate said...

Sounds like an interesting man, Chris. I like his "tripod."

Peter said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog today!

As Kate, I kind of like this statue also. Maybe you will show some more of them?

I looked through some of your latest posts and could see that we partly have covered very similar items, but with different local views!

Nadine said...

Hello, Chris --

I haven't blogged about Sid Boyum (who was one of my father's friends) yet, but I have been taking photos of his sculptures, hoping to eventually have a complete collection. Some of the photos are posted on my Flickr account and I'll be adding more when I have the time. If you'd like to see my Sid Boyum sculptures set on Flickr, use this link.

Nadine said...

Hello again, Chris --

I finally posted a fairly lengthy piece about Sid Boyum and his sculptures on my blog. Plus there are now more photos in my Sid Boyum set on Flickr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - Where exactly is this sculpture?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, Never mind we found it.