Tuesday, May 8, 2007

high rise work

I spotted these two window washers while walking around the farmer's market this weekend - I can't imagine this is a good line of work for those with vertigo, but could this be the dream job for rock climbers who don't like chatty co-workers?


NDS said...

You're observant to catch this--The building itself is interesting, but the men on it make it really nice.

Susan said...

It is a nice building. Good detail, love the patchwork concrete. Shows up nice on enlargement.
I couldnt do that job for a million dollars! I get queasy if I go halfway up a ladder!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very nice comment.
You have some nice pics too. Real conversation starters! I love the bee hive hat and the big digger post.

Seda said...

It is so scary!

Chris & Deb said...

what....no photo from their vantage point?