Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My garden is full of purple coneflowers right now, a natural butterfly attractor. I tried to be like Abe and get some beautiful shots of monarchs resting gently on the coneflower leaves, but no luck and almost got myself stung by a bee in the process.


Ben said...

Thanks for comment Chris. Your garden must be a full of charm.Nice It is a nice photo.

Bergson said...

One would say rockets lend for the departure

Irina said...

Oh, I know these flowers! They are very popular in Russia.

And thank you for visiting my blog. I answered your questions in further comments.

Neva said...

I tried to be like you and get a picture of the finches living in an old birdhouse I put in the garden for decoration and my digital camera just can't do it...sigh...loved your statue photo as very adorable.
My cone flowers are very weak this year. I used to have a garden full of them and this year only 3 came back. Not sure if I need to do something special to them or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I suggest you keep trying. I was sitting on our swing watching the wind blow when this huge butterfly blew in and settled on the cone flowers. It was a giant swallowtail. I took a lot of pictures of it.

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