Thursday, July 19, 2007

sister city

I saw this planted in a garden close to city hall. Madison is twinned with 10 sister cities all over the world: Ainaro, East Timor; Arcatao, El Salvador; Bac Giang, Vietnam; Camaguey, Cuba; Cusco, Peru; Freiberg, Germany; Managua, Nicaragua; Obihiro, Japan; Mantova, Italy and Vilnius, Lithuania. There was a plan a while ago to twin Madison with Rafah in the Palestinian Territories, but I believe it was shelved. Too political.

Do you know your sister cities?


lv2scpbk said...

Hey, Didn't you say you turn 100 today too? You should post it. This photo is perfect for your 100th. Shout it out! Don't keep it silent. Congrats too!

Today is my 100th post! Please stop by. Thanks.

alice said...

Yes, Arradon has two sister cities, one in Germany, the other in UK, but they are both small towns.