Saturday, August 25, 2007

weekend market

It's kind of hard to overstate what an event the Saturday Farmer's Market is. Throngs of people start their shopping at 6:00AM (mostly restaurant suppliers that early) and keep on shopping until 2:00.

Here's a view from the steps of the capitol of the ever-shuffling crowds, going very slowly counter-clockwise around the capitol square. Definitely not the place to shop if you're in a hurry, but what a place to slow down and take in the view.


Stuttf├│tur said...

Ah... looks like the perfect farmers market, and such a lovely setting! [Ours is under a highway overpass with plenty of asphalt and concrete instead of trees.. :( ] On the upside, though, the goods are tasty!

Neva said...

It looks perfectly lovely...I will be in Madison for a wedding on Sat. Hope it has stopped raining by then as it is an outdoor wedding...and a football weekend and apparently brat weekend or something so I've been told!

Nikon said...

I love the trees - they look like they've been around a long time!
A great setting for the market.