Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Camp Randall statue

The words "art" and "football" are rarely together in the same sentence. Here's a great example of why not. Almost universally derided when it was unveiled, this extraordinarily phallic piece was erected (hmmm...) in front of Camp Randall, home of the UW football team. Nobody seems to be too thrilled about it, with a great many people wishing the University had decided to honor Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch instead.


Celine said...

Welcome to the DP family, Christina!

That statue is definitely unique. Is it supposed to be a pile of beans, or maggots, or... oh, rice! Yes, that's it. ;)

I look forward to seeing more of Madison.

santy said...

Greetings from Jakarta - Indonesia! Welcome to the DP family and have fun! :)

edwin s said...

It's as if the sculptor got really annoyed with the commission and just whacked his hammer and chisel at the stone. :)

Chris Marsh said...

Thank you to all for welcoming me to the DP family - from all around the world!! - chris

Liz said...

Now what people NOT in Madison don't know is that to get from your house (and mine) to the new Trader Joe's, we must pass by this statue. Argh. It is truly as repulsive as it looks on film. And it is a good choice for this blog, as it is much-discussed and in a highly visible location.

Have you noticed how Madison has a lot of not-very-creative public art? There's a set of 3 granite statues by the Waisman Center on campus that is not this ugly, just super boring.