Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Morning on the lake

On Tuesday morning the lake was so still & calm that I pulled my car into a lakeside park & quickly snapped this shot of two ducks out for a lazy swim. Madison sits on an isthmus - there are lakes on either side of the city - and this is Lake Monona. Music fans may know that this is the lake that Otis Redding's plane crashed into in 1967, a very sad part of Madison's history.


Chris & Deb said...

Your photo today is a timeless classic! What a peaceful scene.
I've only been through Madison once, but was captivated by the beauty of all that water!

Liz said...

The toddler and I were out on Wednesday morning at about 7:30 just a bit west of you at Morrison Park on Lake Monona, and the view there was very similar. The lake has been so calm the last few days-- truly glassy.

Lately I too have been seeing pairs of waterbirds, but last week at Yahara Park we saw a huge raft of coots-- maybe 200 or so. Wonder where they went?