Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cows in Madison, Part 1

This fiberglass cow still all gussied up in her Easter finery, is probably ready for some serious spring too. There are a bunch of these cows all over the city; all were auctioned off for charity and now are popping up here and there. I particularly love this one because she's always decorated for various holidays.


Zsolt said...

we had cow parade last year, too..and as I heard we will have it this year too in Budapest.:)

kris said...

i thought the cows are supposed to be auctioned off for charity? anyway, interesting scene!

Chris Marsh said...

Hi Kris - they were all auctioned off for charity - I think a bunch of local businesses bought some because this one was next to a group of architects. Thanks for looking at my pics! - chris